Our Story

When Zach Houghton founded Passion Passport in 2013, finding inspired content from brands and tourism boards was like trying to learn a foreign language by reading its newspaper upside-down.

Rather than using travel as a means of sharing meaningful experiences, companies were using travel as a thinly veiled mask to camouflage ads and sponsored content. As clicks and shares took precedence over impact and importance, even the best travel content became suspiciously over-sponsored; the worst became a grab-bag of numbered listicles that all sold the same spiel.

With Passion Passport, the mission was to tell real, compelling stories about people and places across the globe; to turn the conversation away from things, and back towards experiences.

Over the past four years, Passion Passport’s digital channels have grown in both size and scope, and the company has adapted and evolved along the way. Nonetheless, our mission has remained the same: to share the transformative power of travel, and to inspire purpose-driven experiences with every story we share.

We strive to create dynamic travel content, working with global, like-minded partners to meet their communication objectives through innovative, inspirational, and opportunity-driven campaigns. In addition, we create and execute full-scale experiential programs such as the Passport Express and Passport to Creativity, maximizing the proficiency and potential of our small, dedicated team to accomplish the work of several agencies at once.

When you work with Passport Studio, you’re trusting your projects to a team of leaders, all with extensive experience in the travel and creative industries.

Our Team

We believe in campaigns that say something new -- something important.

We’re not interested in quoting back brand mantras or showing off beautiful bodies in idyllic places. We avoid empty aestheticism at all costs, because while we know a picture is worth a thousand words, a million words aren’t worth a single sentence if we’ve heard them all before. At Passion Passport, we strive to tell a different story — one that means something to ourselves and our readers, and one that resonates with consumers as travelers, rather than vice versa.

What differentiates Passion Passport from our competitors is that rather than dreaming up a lifestyle, we went out and lived it. Before Passion Passport, we were travelers and storytellers ourselves, and — having been transformed by our own experiences — we rallied around our own hard-held beliefs in search of a way to share them with others. We love that the work we do combines meaningful storytelling with unique travel experiences, while fostering a uniquely tight-knit community of like-minded creatives.

We care about the initiatives we create because they’re the kind of campaigns and programs we would want to be a part of ourselves. That mindset — one of intense and implacable passion — is evident in the way we approach each and every project from concept to completion.

When you work with Passport Studio, you get the fun-loving, passionate individuality of a small team, with all the scrutiny and dedication of a larger company.

Inside The Studio

We put everything we have into our work because, for us, it’s not work at all.

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