The Challenge

To put together a successful experiential campaign, you would typically hire or consult with:

Our Solution

That would cost a lot of time and money. Instead, Passport Studio can do it all. We’ll create dynamic campaigns to leverage your brand visibility in a cost-effective way.


You know those people who seem to travel all the time with the sole purpose of filming themselves having more fun than you? We certainly do, because we used to be those people. And while we sometimes long for the good ol’ days when the “office” was a pristine playa or an alpine ascent, we now live vicariously through our peers — many of whom are industry-leaders in multimedia travel content. We source talent at the absolute apex of on-the-go video production, whether your project requires underwater footage from the Great Barrier Reef, or drone footage from the top of Mount Everest. (Just to be clear, though, the atmosphere atop Everest is too thin to fly a drone through, but that won’t stop us trying).


In today’s world, where everyone and their mother can be a “travel photographer” as long as they’ve got a smartphone and a VSCO film pack, it takes a lot to stand out. If there’s anything we know for sure, it’s that a pretty picture falls flat without a powerful story behind it. Our editorial team sources only the most compelling travel photography, oftentimes pulling talent from amidst the ranks of National Geographic and other leading publications, so as to make sure that your images tell a clear and powerful story before you’ve read a single word of text.

Creative Management

Because we started as travelers and creatives ourselves, we’ve had more first-hand field experience than any traditional agency can shake a stick at. As a result, we’ve built an impressive network of some of the industry’s top creatives, all of whom we have close relationships with, and who have as much trust and respect for us as we have for them. From prolific authors and Nat Geo journalists, to social media supernovas and Emmy-Award-Winning TV hosts: our peers prefer to work with us time and again, because when they share our passion, we share their stories.


Even the best content falls short if it fails to reach the audience who truly appreciates it. One of Passport Studio’s greatest strengths is the community that backs it. Each piece of content we create has the full weight of Passion Passport’s social channels and digital platforms behind it. More importantly, each piece of content we create reaches a vast and diverse audience whose unifying characteristics include a love for travel, a passion for creativity, and a conscious trust in Passion Passport to provide the best content on both. As a creative agency and content creator, we create work that speaks for itself. As a media platform, we give that work a stage and a megaphone. Then we sell out the stadium.