In 2017, Hong Kong-based airline, Cathay Pacific, launched their first co-branded Visa card.

It came with impressive offers to cardholders who travel, including no international fees and the ability to earn miles simply by using the card.

To support the launch and illustrate the card benefits, Passion Passport took to the skies and traveled to some of the most interesting places Cathay flies. Bringing along three different people with passions ranging from fashion to food to adventure, we gave them the card and gave them one job: explore your passions while using the card and show us what happens!

Traveling through Hong Kong, China and Vietnam, our travelers enjoyed local food, ancient water cities and the bespoke fashion scene to earn all the miles they’d need to do it all again.

The resulting videos were used across the brand’s digital media buy, at check-in desks at airports throughout the country and are running on the in-flight entertainment units onboard the newest wifi enabled A350 planes.

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